Spy shopping

Let’s face it, owners and managers of a fast-paced business cannot be everywhere at once. That’s why Spy Shopper is essential for providing vital customer experience information. 

Mystery shopping ultimately builds confidence, commitment and sets a platform for continual improvement. 

We go shopping when Management are taking their day off!
Spy Shopper conducts face-to-face mystery shopping visits and gives you an honest account of the people responsible for your business when you are not there!
Spy Shopper is also a direct management communication tool that provides:

  • Customized ‘real time’ reporting
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Continuous results tracking

Understanding the customer experience allows you to:

  • Reward good performance
  • Identify the core issues
  • Benchmark against competitors
  • Counsel poor performance

Spy Shopper reports will help you implement the data as an agenda on a continuous basis for:

  • Rewards and incentive programs
  • A basis for discussion on service standards
  • Building of knowledge and commitment

Spy Shopper records vital information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Customer Service
  • Courtesy
  • Questions Asked
  • Merchandise Sought
  • Retail Standards
  • Maintenance Standards
  • Product Knowledge
  • Selling Skills
  • Business Clarity
  • Significant Findings
  • Lasting Impressions


Mystery Shopping

Customer Service Auditing supported by Executive Summary with
continuous tracking of each store and broken down by categories specific
to individual customer requirements. The results of this enable owners/
managers to accurately learn about the level of ongoing service their staff
provide. Our Customer Service Audit programme has been 8 years in
development and is based on best practice retail behaviours.

Consumables Survey

Retail survey across a large shopping basket at various locations in Australia
and New Zealand. This enables owners/managers to gain a competitive
advantage by benchmarking their offering against others in the industry
thus being able to determine whether they have the right product mix at
the right price to be competitive.

Retail Marketing Survey

Marketing survey comparing targeted advertising promotions across various airport locations.

Duty Free Price Monitoring

Comparisons provided across a variety of national airport locations and
compared to high street and CBD pricing.

Foreign Exchange Comparison Reporting

Multi currency comparison reporting including airport, high street, CBD and internet.

Exit Interviews

Interviews with recent purchasers to establish customer satisfaction supported by an Executive Summary.


Website capability reporting – We partner with an experienced web development company and provide analysis by way of a detailed criteria identifying usability on multiple devices, link health, design, navigation, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) .

Sales Training

We offer a comprehensive Sales Training programme including product placement, customer engagement and how to maximize your chances of closing a sale.

About Us. 

We offer a range of research services to drive improved customer service standards, helping you push your operational outcome to a higher level.

RPL speaks your language

  1. RPL is all about one-to-one communication with your staff – we anonymously visit your businesses and make objective reports on the experience we receive.
  2. We understand what managers and business owners like you go through in managing a business, as well as the strategies used to continually motivate staff.
  3. Our reporting criteria will be customized to your business.
  4. All our reports are objective – we deliver an unbiased account of the experience we receive in your retail or food outlet.
  5. We report the facts so that you can make the judgement.

Our focus is hospitality and retail in both Australia and New Zealand.

Information is Power.

Nothing is left to chance.

Our Primary Focus
Our information and reporting is a fundamental tool for management – we produce a range of critical reports, charts and graphs that provide high-level insights into areas where progress can be measured on a continual basis.
Knowledge is Power
A customised mystery-shopping program provides knowledge and power to Management. It will identify weakness but more importantly it will reward and motivate outstanding effort.
Passion for our business helps us improve yours
If you do business with RPL you do business with the people who live, breathe and own the company.

Our Clients.

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